HMC Plus

What your recurve bow needs

Recurve archers strive for higher arrow speeds, but this results in increased vibration in the bow. Up until now, stabilizers have not been able to effectively deal with this. WIN&WIN specifically designed the HMC PLUS to address this issue. The system also improves dampening, absorbs shock and helps control torque during shooting.

While other stabilizers have a consistent wall thickness along their length that does not fully absorb vibration, the wall thickness of HMC PLUS varies. At the front of the rod the wall is 0.0275” (0.7mm) thick, gradually growing to 0.0787” (2mm) at the base. When installed with an extender as a full stabilization system, HMC PLUS effectively absorbs the shock produced by shooting a recurve bow.


Technical specifications

  • HMC PLUS is available in long rod lengths of 26”, 28” and 30”, shot rod lengths of 10”, 11” and 12” and extender lengths of 3”, 4”, 5” and 6”.
  • Black

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