Win&Win Archery wishes all the best and good luck to qualified archers in Rio!

Win&Win Archery Europe's management staff Park Dong Won and Marc Rouget attended the press conference held by the French Archery Federation in the lead up to the summer event in Rio de Janeiro. Right on time to say good luck to french prostaffer Lucas Daniel!

While most of the archers' names are now known, Win&Win Archery reinforces its support to sponsored archers in their preparation, making sure that they get all the equipment they need. Every year, Win&Win Archery builds a close relationship with its athletes, more considered as a family than a prostaff team. 

On behalf of Win&Win Archery's CEO Mr Park Kyung Rae, our staff sends its thoughtful wishes to all W&W athletes now and always.



Team Win&Win Archery sweeps Nimes 2017 with 5 medals!

With a total of 5 medals including 3 gold medals (Claudia Mandia, Nicolas Cambakidis, Alyssia Tromans-Ansell), Win&Win Archery shooters went through a thrilling competition in Nîmes, France.

Claudia Mandia outlasted Korean first-time finalist Jin Yun in the recurve women’s gold medal match, winning a shoot-off 10-9 to take the top spot on the podium.

Bronze in Nimes went to Britain’s Naomi Folkard, who only fell to Jin in the semifinals after knocking out the first- and eighth-seeded Koreans in Park Sehui – also the indoor world record holder – and Kim Eun Jung. Folkard, who hinted at retiring from competition during her fourth consecutive Olympic Games in Rio, beat Randi Degn in four sets, 6-2.

Text credit: World Archery


Welcome on board Jake Kaminski!

Official statement: Two times Olympian (2012-2016) and team silver medallist Jake Kaminski from the United States has signed a 1-year sponsorship contract with Win&Win Archery.

Commited to the development of Archery in his country, multiple medallist at the international level, Jake has definitely a great experience to share.

Along with US athlete and prostaffer Khatuna Lorig, the pair will join forces in the US and abroad to work on future several social medias posts.  

Keep your eyes peeled on Jake's official page on Facebook! 

"I started shooting archery at the age of six in Elma, New York a small town outside of Buffalo. From the first shot I was hooked. Initially it was a hobby, a leisure sport, a pastime but slowly Archery developed into a Lifestyle.
Early on in my archery life I shot compound, developing skills that were pivitoal when a discipline change came in 2003 to recurve. It just seemed to fit me better with immediate successes at the Empire State Games which ignited a desire to become an Olympian. I wanted to represent my country at the Olympic Games. That dream came true in 2012 when I secured my spot to compete at the London Olympic Games. When that Silver Medal that Brady Ellison, Jacob Wukie and myself eventually won was placed around my neck I had one word “WOW.” The heavy mass of it was a direct reflection of the sacrifices and the literal blood, sweat and tears that were shed not only myself but all of the people who supported me. Archery is what my wife Amanda and I do, she coaches and I shoot. Currently we live just outside of Gainesville, Florida where she coaches archery at the Newberry Easton Sports Development Foundation. When I’m not traveling to tournaments around the world I am working with my sponsors to develop new equipment."

Blurb from Jake's official website. 



The Rio 2016 winner was competing in the first tournament in the World Archery Excellence Centre. Olympic Champion and prostaffer Ku Bonchan shot 598 out of 600 points for the 18-metre ranking round, matching Brady Ellison’s new world record from the first stage of the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Marrakesh, and missed setting a world-leading score by a millimetre in the final end.

“It’s my first indoor tournament,” said Ku. “I didn’t expect to break the world record. I remembered that Brady shot 598 last week and I was thinking about it. I tried my best.”

Ku had shot 299 out of 300 for the first 30 arrows then hadn’t dropped another point heading into the final end of the round.

His first shot was low and left in the gold on the top face, but he – and most of the onlookers – thought it had clipped the 10. His last two arrows were unquestionable.

At the target, it was clear. The top shaft was one millimetre out of the 10-ring, and Ellison’s 598 – which had broken a 15-year-old mark – would stand for at least another tournament.

Text and video: World Archery

Win&Win Archery celebrates olympic gold medallists Chang Hye Jin and Ku Bonchan

Win&Win Archery CEO and staff welcomed 2016 olympic gold medallists and prostaff archers Ku Bonchan and Chang Hye Jin at our HQ in Seoul, Korea, this week.

Our athletes had a tremendous success at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, winning four gold medals overall: both individual and team events.

4 gold medals, 2 archers, 1 bow! The Wiawis AXT. This success is also a great satisfaction for Win&Win Archery as these two athletes are both trusting our equipment for a very long time now on the world circuit. 

To Mr Park Kyung Rae, Win&Win Archery CEO, this epic victory is also "a great celebration toward the great efforts our team puts in delivering every single day the best products to all archers shooting W&W"

This victory will stand for a very long time as the greatest memory for all the people involved at Win&Win Archery. 



Win&Win Archery welcomes new prostaffer Wei Chun-Heng (TPE)!

Ranked number 9 in the world, we are glad to welcome Wei Chun-Heng from Chinese Taipei in our prostaff team!

Chun-Heng belongs to Chinese Taipei national team and he is currently the best male recurve archer in his country. Win&Win Archery brings its support to the best archers in the world, making sure that all of them get the best and the most accurate equipment they need. 

Since the tremendous victory at the Olympic Games in Rio of both Korean prostaffers Ku and Chang, Win&Win Archery gains the trust of the best archers worldwide.

We are born to win!

Clean sweep for Team W&W Archers in Rio 2016!

In the 2016 Rio Games, Gold medalists at all of the divisions depended on the proven WIAWIS bows!

Men's Individual Gold medalist: Ku Bon Chan

Women's Individual Gold medalist: Chang Hye Jin

Win&Win Archery shooters have once again ruled over the shooting line. This feeling, these gold medals, our bows... We are born to win!

Congratulations to the medalists and all of Win&Win Archery shooters for their trust in our products!

Win&Win Archery wishes all the best and good luck to qualified archers in Rio!

Win&Win Archery Europe's management staff Park Dong Won and Marc Rouget attended the press conference held by the French Archery Federation in the lead up to the summer event in Rio de Janeiro. Right on time to say good luck to french prostaffer Lucas Daniel!

While most of the archers' names are now known, Win&Win Archery reinforces its support to sponsored archers in their preparation, making sure that they get all the equipment they need. Every year, Win&Win Archery builds a close relationship with its athletes, more considered as a family than a prostaff team. 

On behalf of Win&Win Archery's CEO Mr Park Kyung Rae, our staff sends its thoughtful wishes to all W&W athletes now and always.


CHOI Misun wins a 6th Gold medal in Antalya!

Choi took individual, mixed team and team golds for the second stage in a row. She won every Hyundai Archery World Cup event she participated in this season, across the individual, mixed team and team competitions. First in Medellin, then in Antalya, she collected triple gold medals!

Her individual gold final in Antalya was against Ksenia Perova. Choi and the Korean women’s team had already beaten Perova’s Russia to team gold earlier on recurve Sunday on Konyaalti beach.

Both athletes opened with 27-point sets and shared the opening set points. From that point on, it was all Choi. Three consecutive sets of 29 points each resulted in three set wins, and a 7-1 victory in the match.

“I didn’t expect to do so well in Medellin because I wasn’t really doing well at the time. I managed to cope there and it was good,” said Misun. “In Antalya, I was feeling great and my condition was good, I’m looking forward to perform well in both the World Cup Final and the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.”

Choi, with partner Ku Bonchan, added mixed team gold for Korea. The pair outshot India in the first and third sets of a three-set match, closing with a 38, to seal Choi Misun’s second consecutive clean sweep of the recurve women’s podiums. She is the second seed for the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Odense, behind Chinese Taipei’s Tan Ya-Ting, who beat Choi’s teammate Chang Hye Jin to bronze in Antalya, 6-4.

In the men's event, Ku Bonchan takes individual silver.


Text and photos : World Archery, edited by Win&Win Archery Communication

Moldova's Alexandra Mirca and Dan Olaru to win European mixed team crown in Nottingham!

Prostaffers Alexandra Mirca and Dan Olaru took Gold at the European Outdoor Championships last week in Nottingham (GBR). 

Moldovian archers were facing France in the final and they won gold with a straight 6-0 victory, never missing the golden ring once during the match. What a great deal of accuracy! 

Win&Win Archery is proud to bring its support to the best archers worldwide and we are looking forward to cheering you all in Brazil this summer.


Photo: The Infinite Curve

Success story: Win&Win Archery and Wiawis featured in YTN News

YTN News, a korean media, has broadcasted a 25-minute video dealing with the success of Win&Win Archery products worldwide, including cyclists' top choice Wiawis bikes as well. The video shows very rare footages inside our factory and HQ and the work of our engineers prior to the commercial stage. Mr PARK Kyung Rae, Win&Win Archery CEO, explains the technology behind each range we create. For those interested in building and working with nano carbon technology, the video does give a great insight on how our products are being made. 

Prostaffers Bernardo Oliveira (BRA) and Romain Girouille (FRA) also explain why they prefer Win&Win Archery products compared to others. 

Watch now (Korean language)

594/600! Park SEHUI breaks indoor world record!

594 out of 600: the great pairing PARK Sehui and the Inno AXT broke the world record for the 60-arrow qualification at 18 metres in Nîmes, during the third stage of the Indoor archery World cup.

The previous recurve women’s world record for the 60-arrow qualification at 18 metres was 592, held by Frenchwoman Berengere Schuh since the 2009 World Archery Europe Indoor Championships.

Six years later it was finally broken. Park, who shoots for Korean professional team LH at this third stage of the Indoor Archery World Cup, posted 297 for her first 30 arrows and followed it up with a second 297 for 594 out of 600 total. Her last two ends were both perfect 30s.

Aged 20, Park Sehui’s 594 also increases the junior world record, which stood at 591.


Text and photo: World Archery

Prostaff archers Naomi Folkard and Larry Godfrey win GBR Indoor nationals at Stoneleigh Park

Congratulations to prostaff archers Naomi FOLKARD and Larry GODFREY for winning the GBR Indoor nationals in both recurve divisions last weekend at Stoneleigh Park! 

As a major partner of Archery GB, we were proud to bring our support to one of the greatest archery event in Great Britain. The National Indoors welcomed this weekend more than 1.200 archers from all around Great Britain. We hope you enjoyed your Nano Max GBR Limited Edition! Thanks a lot to everybody for stopping by our stand this weekend at Stoneleigh Park!


Team Win&Win Archery shooters sweep 2015 Australian National Championships

The Australian national championships were held in the last week of October where Win&Win archers had good results. More medals were won by archers using Win&Win Archery equipment than any other, including 10/12 men's medals across the three disciplines.

It was great to be able to showcase our latest recurve and compound equipment at this event and all the positive feedback from all the archers. We look forward to being able to continue to develop top quality products with the thoughts and ideas of archers of every level.


Choi Misun and Miguel Alvarino Garcia on top of the World Cup Final in Mexico City!

Without a world medal heading into 2015, the European Games Champion added his second huge win of the year. Miguel Alvarino Garcia, winner of the first European Games in Baku in 2015, made true on the promise he made when he was interviewed during the Aquece Rio Olympic test event in September.

Garcia beat Lee Seungyun in the first round, in five, tough sets, then took another five in a slow dismantling of the USA’s Collin Klimitchek in the semis. The decider was the last, when the Spaniard dropped a final-arrow X to clinch the set and match by a point. It put the seventh seed, the lowest points qualifier for the World Cup Final, into a gold medal match against France’s Jean-Charles Valladont.

A final between two European archers, and the only two European archers in the recurve competition in Mexico City.

A low-scoring first three arrows handed Garcia the advantage, 27-26, and then the pair split the next two sets. In the second they both had 27 points and then 28 in the third. Miguel Alvarino Garcia, who had never taken an international medal before 2015, was two set points away from taking his second major gold of the year. Both started with a nine, then followed with a 10.

Valladont, shooting first, had a chance to keep his tournament alive, but put his arrow into the nine, leaving a single point gap for Garcia to take the match.

“‘Miguel, make it 10!’,” the European Games champ said he screamed to himself in his head.

It wasn’t just a 10. It was as close to the middle as you’d ever want in such a situation. X10 and a second hugely impressive crown in 2015 for Spain’s Miguel Alvarino Garcia.

This is a dream come true. This is the first time Spain wins a title at an Archery World Cup Final, so winning it is amazing,” he said.

Korea’s Choi Misun beat Deepika Kumari in the gold medal match at the Mexico City 2015 Archery World Cup Final. She adds it to a list of accomplishments that includes a gold and silver medal at World Cup stages, silver at the Universiade, World Archery Championships bronze and gold at the Olympic test event.

She achieved all that in one year: 2015, her first international season. Misun was tested through her first two matches in Mexico City. Both the quarterfinal against host nation representative Alejandra Valencia and the semi, contested by the USA’s Mackenzie Brown, went a full five sets. But the Korean athlete was the top seeded recurve woman at the competition for a reason.

Overcoming rough sets in both matches, 19-year-old Misun found the middle when she needed it, clinching a path through the brackets in the last sets.

In the final, she hit the ground running. Reeling off three 29-point sets to quickly put her Indian opponent, Kumari, on the back foot, Choi was 5-1 up and in charge. Both archers put in a 29 in the last, split the set points, and Misun won gold, 6-4.

“I just become Archery World Cup Champion, another title that makes me the first in the world,” said the Korean, already ranked world number one after an incredible debut season. “This makes me happy and pretty sure it will help me to do even better as I would very much like to stay on top.”


Text and photos: World Archery

Win&Win Archery releases 11 new colours within Wiawis Nano Max series

We are proud to announce the release of 11 new colours within the Wiawis Nano Max series.

It's time to show the world where you're from. Order now at your local dealer. All colours options are available. Limited edition.

Wiawis Nano Max 2016 limited edition from wwarchery on Vimeo.

See you tomorrow...

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