Wiawis NS limbs

Nano Carbon Technology. Reinvented.

Introducing graphene foam core!

Win&Win Archery is leading the way in carbon technology. We used graphene as a new core material: it is a one-atom thick, honeycomb-latticed sheet of carbon that displays some incredible properties on the nano scale. It's stronger than steel, harder than diamond, and incredibly flexible.

2017 WIAWIS NS limbs improves power and stability, resulting in a shorter and narrower string movement when an arrow is shot. This makes shooting more forgiving, giving smoothness and an incredible accuracy.

Spécifications techniques

  • 28# to 48# (2 pounds increment)
  • 66'', 68'', 70''
  • Glossy and Matt finish
  • Nano Graphene Foam Core/High Modulus Carbon

Win&Win Archery