Prostaff archers Naomi Folkard and Larry Godfrey win GBR Indoor nationals at Stoneleigh Park

Congratulations to prostaff archers Naomi FOLKARD and Larry GODFREY for winning the GBR Indoor nationals in both recurve divisions last weekend at Stoneleigh Park! 

As a major partner of Archery GB, we were proud to bring our support to one of the greatest archery event in Great Britain. The National Indoors welcomed this weekend more than 1.200 archers from all around Great Britain. We hope you enjoyed your Nano Max GBR Limited Edition! Thanks a lot to everybody for stopping by our stand this weekend at Stoneleigh Park!


Team Win&Win Archery shooters sweep 2015 Australian National Championships

The Australian national championships were held in the last week of October where Win&Win archers had good results. More medals were won by archers using Win&Win Archery equipment than any other, including 10/12 men's medals across the three disciplines.

It was great to be able to showcase our latest recurve and compound equipment at this event and all the positive feedback from all the archers. We look forward to being able to continue to develop top quality products with the thoughts and ideas of archers of every level.


Choi Misun and Miguel Alvarino Garcia on top of the World Cup Final in Mexico City!

Without a world medal heading into 2015, the European Games Champion added his second huge win of the year. Miguel Alvarino Garcia, winner of the first European Games in Baku in 2015, made true on the promise he made when he was interviewed during the Aquece Rio Olympic test event in September.

Garcia beat Lee Seungyun in the first round, in five, tough sets, then took another five in a slow dismantling of the USA’s Collin Klimitchek in the semis. The decider was the last, when the Spaniard dropped a final-arrow X to clinch the set and match by a point. It put the seventh seed, the lowest points qualifier for the World Cup Final, into a gold medal match against France’s Jean-Charles Valladont.

A final between two European archers, and the only two European archers in the recurve competition in Mexico City.

A low-scoring first three arrows handed Garcia the advantage, 27-26, and then the pair split the next two sets. In the second they both had 27 points and then 28 in the third. Miguel Alvarino Garcia, who had never taken an international medal before 2015, was two set points away from taking his second major gold of the year. Both started with a nine, then followed with a 10.

Valladont, shooting first, had a chance to keep his tournament alive, but put his arrow into the nine, leaving a single point gap for Garcia to take the match.

“‘Miguel, make it 10!’,” the European Games champ said he screamed to himself in his head.

It wasn’t just a 10. It was as close to the middle as you’d ever want in such a situation. X10 and a second hugely impressive crown in 2015 for Spain’s Miguel Alvarino Garcia.

This is a dream come true. This is the first time Spain wins a title at an Archery World Cup Final, so winning it is amazing,” he said.

Korea’s Choi Misun beat Deepika Kumari in the gold medal match at the Mexico City 2015 Archery World Cup Final. She adds it to a list of accomplishments that includes a gold and silver medal at World Cup stages, silver at the Universiade, World Archery Championships bronze and gold at the Olympic test event.

She achieved all that in one year: 2015, her first international season. Misun was tested through her first two matches in Mexico City. Both the quarterfinal against host nation representative Alejandra Valencia and the semi, contested by the USA’s Mackenzie Brown, went a full five sets. But the Korean athlete was the top seeded recurve woman at the competition for a reason.

Overcoming rough sets in both matches, 19-year-old Misun found the middle when she needed it, clinching a path through the brackets in the last sets.

In the final, she hit the ground running. Reeling off three 29-point sets to quickly put her Indian opponent, Kumari, on the back foot, Choi was 5-1 up and in charge. Both archers put in a 29 in the last, split the set points, and Misun won gold, 6-4.

“I just become Archery World Cup Champion, another title that makes me the first in the world,” said the Korean, already ranked world number one after an incredible debut season. “This makes me happy and pretty sure it will help me to do even better as I would very much like to stay on top.”


Text and photos: World Archery

Win&Win Archery releases 11 new colours within Wiawis Nano Max series

We are proud to announce the release of 11 new colours within the Wiawis Nano Max series.

It's time to show the world where you're from. Order now at your local dealer. All colours options are available. Limited edition.

Wiawis Nano Max 2016 limited edition from wwarchery on Vimeo.

See you tomorrow...

October 1st. #borntowin

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Hidden Message part 5 feat Thomas Antoine (FRA)

Hidden message. Part 5. Thanks Thomas Antoine (FRA). #october #borntowin #france

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Hidden message part 4 feat Juan Rodriguez (ESP)

Hidden message. Part 4. Thanks Juan Rodriguez (ESP). #october #borntowin #spain

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Hidden message part 3 feat Annemarie Der Kinderen (NED)

Hidden message. Part 3. Thanks Annemarie Der Kinderen (NED). #october #borntowin #netherlands

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Elena Tonetta and Tanya Giaccheri win Italian Outdoor Nationals

Yet another clean sweep for Team Win&Win Archery along with Elena Tonetta and Tanya Giaccheri who both won the Italian Outdoor Nationals this weekend in Torino.

Elena Tonetta took victory over Natalia Valeeva and Jessica Tomasi. Congratulations girls!


Photos credit : Berti Ferruccio

Khatuna Lorig (USA) joins Win&Win Archery prostaff Team

Win&Win Archery is pleased to announce Khatuna Lorig, 5 times Olympian and bronze medallist, as new prostaff shooter.

USA based, Khatuna will bring its passion and experience through our team as well as promoting the brand across her country. 

Her career's highlights: 

2008 Olympics –  Flag barrier on closing ceremony.

2012 Hunger games Archery coach for actress Jennifer Lawrence

2012 Glamour Magazine “7 Female 2012 Summer Olympians Who blow Our Minds”.

2013 E! Entertainment “Pre OSCAR Countdown LIVE, Archery meets Academy Awards”

We wish Khatuna all the best in her career along with Win&Win Archery equipment!

More informations:


Hidden message. Part 2 feat Mauro Nespoli (ITA)

Ciao a tutti ;) Thanks Mauro Nespoli. #october #borntowin #italia

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Hidden message. Part 1 feat Bernardo Oliveira (BRA)

Hidden message? Yes. More to come soon. Thanks Bernardo Oliveira. #october #borntowin #brazil

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Win&Win Archery open online shop for fans! Test

Due to VERY HIGH demand, our shop is now online!

Do you fancy a staff polo, a hoodie, a beanny... or anything else to get the Win&Win Archery look?

We ship everywhere in the world*. Your shopping is fast and secure. 

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More and more items will be added soon! 

Please note that we do not sell archery equipement or replacement parts. Please contact your local dealer for more informations. 

* Shipping delay may vary depending on your country.


Mr Park and Win&Win Archery European staff visit French Federation and National Institute of Sports

Win&Win Archery, long-time partner of the French Archery Federation (FFTA), are closely linked through a gold partnership and reinforce each other year after year.

With that in mind, Mr PARK, W&W CEO, along with the European staff of Win&Win Europe, have visited the new office of the French Archery Federation located in Paris suburb, Noisy le Grand. 

Mr Park has reaffirmed his commitment with the French Federation to help in the development of Archery in France. 

Win&Win Archery staff then visited the brand new archery range of the National Institute of Sports in Paris and could work close with the sponsored athletes there. 

"It was a very good day" said Mr Park. "I am delighted that the last step of my European trip ended in Paris with the staff from the FFTA and our sponsored athletes. Our shooters have great facilities handy and I am sure it will help them in their path to success. Win&Win Archery is proud to be involved with all these persons dedicated to the same passion, Archery."

2015 Archery GB Grand Final: Unbeatable Naomi!

The 2015 Archery GB Series has come to a thrilling conclusion this weekend at the Grand Final. 4 out of 6 Win&Win Archery prostaff shooter grabbed a medal in Nottingham, congratulations for such a big success!

Win&Win Archery prostaff shooter Naomi FOLKARD takes gold in the women recurve category, Amy OLIVER ranks third.

Naomi FOLKARD: “I shot good! I was quite nervous. Definitely more nervous than I was the other two matches. But I just made sure I kept pulling strong, and pushing strong. My timing in the first set was quite long, but they still went in the middle, so it was good enough! It’s my first National Series win since Leamington in 2010, so I’m really happy.”

Amy OLIVER: "“I was actually less nervous on the last match, because me and Nicky are good friends, so we were having quite a laugh on our way down to shoot. I just wanted to enjoy it. Glad I got the bronze - bit dissapointed that I didn’t get my hat-trick win, but you can’t win every year, can you?”

In the men's recurve category, Patrick HUSTON defeated prostaff archer Kieran SLATER for Gold and 2014 winner's Larry GODFREY had to settle for bronze. 

Larry GODFREY: “I was shooting nice and strong, but I think the fatigue just hit me on the last arrow, there was a bit of shaking. It’s been a bit of a journey this last month with the birth of my twins. As you can imagine, I’ve not been getting a great deal of sleep. But I’ve got the bronze match to go, and I’m going to try and get something out of that.

Apart from the regular contingency for Win&Win Archery shooters, the best 3 young shooters of the competition got rewarded with a full bow.

Win&Win Archery would like to send its warmest congratulations to Archery GB staff and volunteers for their great input and efforts throughout the weekend!


Mr PARK To Attend World Para Championships in Germany

Mr PARK Kyung Rae, Win&Win Archery CEO, is attending the World Archery Para Championships this week in Donaeuschingen, Germany.

Along with Mr KIM Day, global manager, the team of Win&Win Archery will offer a repairing and maintenance service to every athlete using a W&W archery bow. The booth will be opened during the whole competition time and all athletes will get the opportunity of a one-stop personalized service.

In the coming days, Mr PARK plans to get to Friedrichshafen (GER) to display the Wiawis nano carbon bikes series at the Eurobike Show.

Photo courtesy of Bogensport Magazin

Brad Denny wins 2015 Archery GB Youth Festival

Win&Win Archery prostaff shooter Brad DENNY (GBR) claimed a well-deserved gold medal at the Archery GB Youth Festival, this weekend in Lilleshall.

Things could not have been closer in the recurve finals: Juniors Patrick Huston and Bradley Denny went head-head in the gold medal match and battled to a 6-4 scoreline.

"Had such a good time at the Youth Festival this week, so many laughs and memory's with a lot of people! The support and cheers from the crowd were just amazing, along with such a high level of performance between me and Patrick Huston in the Gold Medal match. A 1st place finish in the individual and a 2nd in the 'not so mixed mix team' with Michael Archer Marston really pleased with my results this week!" said Brad. 

As a proud sponsor of Archery GB and this competition, Win&Win Archery sends their warmest congratulations to both staff and champions.

Photo credit : World Archery

Win Archery to team up with Bow International magazine: your chance to win a Wiawis series full set!

Get your hands on the last issue of Bow International magazine featuring prostaff shooter MIN Byeong Yeon on its cover.

Enter the contest and grab your chance to win the brand new and top-of-the-range Win&Win Archery's Wiawis series bow set: one handle and one pair of limbs OF YOUR CHOICE!

Don't miss out the opportunity and good luck to all. 
Last but not least - Archery GB superstar and prostaff shooter Larry GODFREY has written an in-depth review of the Wiawis Nano Max. Enjoy your reading. 


1st European Games: Maikel Alvarino Garcia brings individual gold medal home!

Win&Win Archery shooters achieved an impressive challenge in Baku for the first edition of the European Games.

In the men's individual category, Spanish prostaff archer Miguel Alvarino Garcia clinched gold in an amazing tour de force. As one of the youngest archer of the world's circuit, Miguel's 2015 season couldn't be much brighter since he dropped a 680+ out of 720 in Antalya 2 weeks before. 

"It was an impressive competitition due to the quality of the archers who participated there. I had a great shooting, enjoying each arrow as I found the strength to fight for a medal.
I started the rounds a bit nervous as well as suffering from the heat but I took it with enthusiasm and excitement, as a touchdown. I felt strong, fighting for every arrow as if it were the last one, telling myself that it's only a game after all, just enjoying my form and my shape.
Also, big thank to Win&Win Archery for giving me the opportunity to enjoy this wonderful equipment, my Wiawis Nano Max. And I hope to keep fighting up there for a long time!"

In the women's category, Miguel's teammate Alicia Marin won bronze. In the mixed team event, prostaff archer Mauro Nespoli won gold, leading him to his first gold medal since he joined Win&Win Archery prostaff back in january. Last but not least with Italia, Elena Tonetta made an impressive come back on worldwide scene with a gold medal in the women's team category. 

Win&Win Archery send their warmest congratulations to all of you! #borntowin