New prostaffer Marcus d'Almeida breaks national record!

Win&Win Archery is glad to welcome Marcus d'Almeida from Brazil as a new member of our family! 

Marcus was a member of the olympic team at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and ranked 3rd at the 2015 World Youth Championships in Yankton.

Win&Win Archery is super proud to bring it full support to most of the members of the brazilian national team. 

Last but not least, Marcus d'Almeida broke the national brazilian record at 70m with 682 out of 720 points! He is using the brand new Wiawis ATF riser along with the Wiawis NS limbs. 

Welcome on board Marcus! 



[GBR] Win&Win Archery to hold a seminar at MERLIN ARCHERY LOUGHBOROUGH - 19.11.2017

Win and Win Archery are coming to Merlin to give a seminar on shooting technique, evolution of equipment and there will be a special ticket holders only promotion on W&W products on the day. Breakfast cobs tea and coffee will be provided. With W&W founder and a top recurve archer attending.

The Seminar will be held on the 19th of november and will start at 10:00 am and run for approximately 3 hrs.

We have a fantastic opportunity for you to get up close and personal with some of the top names behind one of archery's leading brands, Win and Win.

The seminar will take place at our Loughborough store and spaces are limited. Please bring along a print out of your confirmation email when attending.

Buy tickets online

[ITA] "Scienza dell'arco, migliorare le performance di un Arciere"

Disport e W&W Archery sono lieti di invitarvi al seminario "Scienza dell'arco, migliorare le performance di un Arciere" con il CEO di W&W, Park Kyung Rae, Il figlio Tony Park e Eddy di W&W Europe.

Principali argomenti della serata sono:

Scienza dell'arco, cosa vuol dire quando un arco è preciso e permissivo? Inoltre, 

  • L'importanza e il movimento della corda
  • La torsione dell'arco 
  • Ruolo dei Damper nella stabilizzazione

Bow Tuning, Come mettere a punto un'arco ricurvo? Inoltre,

  • Accessori fondamentali
  • Set up di un arco dal vivo secondo W&W
  • Messa a punto della spennata
  • Tuning finale

Prodotti W&W, Domande e risposte

  • Test dei prodotti W&W 
  • Confronto con il produttore con domande e risposte aperte

Evento tradotto in Italiano. Unico tappa Italiana presso il Pro Shop Win&Win Italy, Disport! A fine serata cena offerta da Disport a tutti i partecipanti e distribuzione di gadget W&W

Vi Aspettiamo per un evento imperdibile, Mercoledì 15 Novembre ore 17:00!

INGRESSO GRATUITO SOLO CON REGISTRAZIONE ON-LINE fino al giorno 12 Novembre. Posti Limitati. Conferma Iscrizione previo ricezione mail o Telefonata da Disport!

[FRA] Événement : inscrivez-vous au seul et unique séminaire gratuit Win&Win Archery !

"La science des arcs, améliorer les performances d'un archer"

Parce que nous croyons que les performances d'un archer sont le fruit d'un bon entrainement et d'un matériel bien réglé, parce que notre gamme est la plus avancée technologiquement et toujours au service de l'archer, notre but est de vous accompagner dans l'amélioration de vos performances et dans le choix de votre matériel.

Toute l'équipe de Win&Win Archery Europe a le plaisir de vous inviter à son séminaire animé par son PDG Park Kyung Rae.
Les archers pourront tester les nouveautés W&W et WIAWIS ! Ouvert à tous les archers, une seule date en France, un rendez-vous à ne pas rater !

Vendredi 10 novembre 2017 à 18h00 au CTS Arc de Chennevières sur Marne (94). Inscription gratuite.

Veuillez utiliser le lien vers le formulaire en ligne pour vous inscrire : https://goo.gl/cgbAQw

Venez nombreux ! 


New prostaffer Marcus d'Almeida breaks national record!

Win&Win Archery is glad to welcome Marcus d'Almeida from Brazil as a new member of our family! 

Marcus was a member of the olympic team at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio and ranked 3rd at the 2015 World Youth Championships in Yankton.

Win&Win Archery is super proud to bring it full support to most of the members of the brazilian national team. 

Last but not least, Marcus d'Almeida broke the national brazilian record at 70m with 682 out of 720 points! He is using the brand new Wiawis ATF riser along with the Wiawis NS limbs. 

Welcome on board Marcus! 


France : les athlètes Win&Win Archery remportent 6 médailles au championnat national jeunes 2017

Les jeunes archers de l'équipe Win&Win Archery ont une nouvelle fois brillé par leurs performances ! Ils ont remporté un total de 6 médailles à l'issue des épreuves individuelles du championnat de France jeunes qui a eu lieu à Vichy (FRA). 

Félicitations à : 

  • Florian Billoué
  • Valentin Ripaux
  • Lisa Barbelin
  • Océane Guy
  • Mathieu Jimenez
  • Hugo Lartigue
  • Thomas Koenig
  • Clémence Tellier
  • Paul Bonneau
  • Romain Ripaux


Amedeo Tonelli wins the World Games, Naomi Folkard takes silver

Congratulations to prostaffers Amedeo Tonelli on winning the World Games and Naomi Folkard on taking silver in the women's!

Big shout-out to Oonuki Wataru and Matija Mihalić for taking respectively the third and fourth places.


Photos courtesy of World Archery

Colombia's Daniel Pineda and Andrés Pila join Team Win&Win Archery

Win&Win Archery is delighted to count Daniel Pineda and Andrés Pila among the Prostaff Team. Daniel and Andrés are the current two best recurve archers in Colombia.

Daniel Pineda, 23, competed in the individual event at the 2012 Summer Olympics. He won the bronze medal in the individual event of the 2011 Pan American Games. He competed at the 2015 World Archery Championships in Copenhagen.

Andres Pila, 26, has been shooting internationally for more than six years. He won bronze at the 2014 South American Games in Chile, silver at the 2012 Pan American Championships in El Salvador and different podiums with the recurve men’s team at continental events. He finished ninth at the Aquece Rio Test Event in 2015. In 2016, Andres made the colombian squad at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Welcome on board archers! 


Win&Win Archery officially launches WNS

Win&Win Archery, the world leading archery company in carbon technology is proud to announce the official release of its new brand 'WNS'.

WNS stands for WINNERS and our mission is to manufacture the best equipment, at a fair price, for all archers of all levels.

The brand new WNS series will bring together a range of up and running bows, risers, limbs, and accessories to help every archer on their path to success. 

"I am very glad to release a new range of equipment for all kind of archers. We are known worldwide as the leader in manufacturing innovative products and WNS will help them all the way through", says Mr Park, Win&Win Archery's CEO. "Also, this new range will reinforce our strength within the market of competitive but price friendly archery gear. Every single archer will have from now the potential to shoot with the best equipment, from the beginner to the most competitive one. Our DNA is to create the best archery equipment."

Today marks a new milestone in Win&Win Archery's history.

The official website for WNS range will launch soon.

You can follow WNS on Facebook here.


Team Win&Win Archery sweeps Nimes 2017 with 5 medals!

With a total of 5 medals including 3 gold medals (Claudia Mandia, Nicolas Cambakidis, Alyssia Tromans-Ansell), Win&Win Archery shooters went through a thrilling competition in Nîmes, France.

Claudia Mandia outlasted Korean first-time finalist Jin Yun in the recurve women’s gold medal match, winning a shoot-off 10-9 to take the top spot on the podium.

Bronze in Nimes went to Britain’s Naomi Folkard, who only fell to Jin in the semifinals after knocking out the first- and eighth-seeded Koreans in Park Sehui – also the indoor world record holder – and Kim Eun Jung. Folkard, who hinted at retiring from competition during her fourth consecutive Olympic Games in Rio, beat Randi Degn in four sets, 6-2.

Text credit: World Archery


Welcome on board Jake Kaminski!

Official statement: Two times Olympian (2012-2016) and team silver medallist Jake Kaminski from the United States has signed a 1-year sponsorship contract with Win&Win Archery.

Commited to the development of Archery in his country, multiple medallist at the international level, Jake has definitely a great experience to share.

Along with US athlete and prostaffer Khatuna Lorig, the pair will join forces in the US and abroad to work on future several social medias posts.  

Keep your eyes peeled on Jake's official page on Facebook! 

"I started shooting archery at the age of six in Elma, New York a small town outside of Buffalo. From the first shot I was hooked. Initially it was a hobby, a leisure sport, a pastime but slowly Archery developed into a Lifestyle.
Early on in my archery life I shot compound, developing skills that were pivitoal when a discipline change came in 2003 to recurve. It just seemed to fit me better with immediate successes at the Empire State Games which ignited a desire to become an Olympian. I wanted to represent my country at the Olympic Games. That dream came true in 2012 when I secured my spot to compete at the London Olympic Games. When that Silver Medal that Brady Ellison, Jacob Wukie and myself eventually won was placed around my neck I had one word “WOW.” The heavy mass of it was a direct reflection of the sacrifices and the literal blood, sweat and tears that were shed not only myself but all of the people who supported me. Archery is what my wife Amanda and I do, she coaches and I shoot. Currently we live just outside of Gainesville, Florida where she coaches archery at the Newberry Easton Sports Development Foundation. When I’m not traveling to tournaments around the world I am working with my sponsors to develop new equipment."

Blurb from Jake's official website. 



The Rio 2016 winner was competing in the first tournament in the World Archery Excellence Centre. Olympic Champion and prostaffer Ku Bonchan shot 598 out of 600 points for the 18-metre ranking round, matching Brady Ellison’s new world record from the first stage of the 2016/17 Indoor Archery World Cup in Marrakesh, and missed setting a world-leading score by a millimetre in the final end.

“It’s my first indoor tournament,” said Ku. “I didn’t expect to break the world record. I remembered that Brady shot 598 last week and I was thinking about it. I tried my best.”

Ku had shot 299 out of 300 for the first 30 arrows then hadn’t dropped another point heading into the final end of the round.

His first shot was low and left in the gold on the top face, but he – and most of the onlookers – thought it had clipped the 10. His last two arrows were unquestionable.

At the target, it was clear. The top shaft was one millimetre out of the 10-ring, and Ellison’s 598 – which had broken a 15-year-old mark – would stand for at least another tournament.

Text and video: World Archery

Win&Win Archery celebrates olympic gold medallists Chang Hye Jin and Ku Bonchan

Win&Win Archery CEO and staff welcomed 2016 olympic gold medallists and prostaff archers Ku Bonchan and Chang Hye Jin at our HQ in Seoul, Korea, this week.

Our athletes had a tremendous success at the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, winning four gold medals overall: both individual and team events.

4 gold medals, 2 archers, 1 bow! The Wiawis AXT. This success is also a great satisfaction for Win&Win Archery as these two athletes are both trusting our equipment for a very long time now on the world circuit. 

To Mr Park Kyung Rae, Win&Win Archery CEO, this epic victory is also "a great celebration toward the great efforts our team puts in delivering every single day the best products to all archers shooting W&W"

This victory will stand for a very long time as the greatest memory for all the people involved at Win&Win Archery. 



Win&Win Archery welcomes new prostaffer Wei Chun-Heng (TPE)!

Ranked number 9 in the world, we are glad to welcome Wei Chun-Heng from Chinese Taipei in our prostaff team!

Chun-Heng belongs to Chinese Taipei national team and he is currently the best male recurve archer in his country. Win&Win Archery brings its support to the best archers in the world, making sure that all of them get the best and the most accurate equipment they need. 

Since the tremendous victory at the Olympic Games in Rio of both Korean prostaffers Ku and Chang, Win&Win Archery gains the trust of the best archers worldwide.

We are born to win!

Clean sweep for Team W&W Archers in Rio 2016!

In the 2016 Rio Games, Gold medalists at all of the divisions depended on the proven WIAWIS bows!

Men's Individual Gold medalist: Ku Bon Chan

Women's Individual Gold medalist: Chang Hye Jin

Win&Win Archery shooters have once again ruled over the shooting line. This feeling, these gold medals, our bows... We are born to win!

Congratulations to the medalists and all of Win&Win Archery shooters for their trust in our products!

Win&Win Archery wishes all the best and good luck to qualified archers in Rio!

Win&Win Archery Europe's management staff Park Dong Won and Marc Rouget attended the press conference held by the French Archery Federation in the lead up to the summer event in Rio de Janeiro. Right on time to say good luck to french prostaffer Lucas Daniel!

While most of the archers' names are now known, Win&Win Archery reinforces its support to sponsored archers in their preparation, making sure that they get all the equipment they need. Every year, Win&Win Archery builds a close relationship with its athletes, more considered as a family than a prostaff team. 

On behalf of Win&Win Archery's CEO Mr Park Kyung Rae, our staff sends its thoughtful wishes to all W&W athletes now and always.


CHOI Misun wins a 6th Gold medal in Antalya!

Choi took individual, mixed team and team golds for the second stage in a row. She won every Hyundai Archery World Cup event she participated in this season, across the individual, mixed team and team competitions. First in Medellin, then in Antalya, she collected triple gold medals!

Her individual gold final in Antalya was against Ksenia Perova. Choi and the Korean women’s team had already beaten Perova’s Russia to team gold earlier on recurve Sunday on Konyaalti beach.

Both athletes opened with 27-point sets and shared the opening set points. From that point on, it was all Choi. Three consecutive sets of 29 points each resulted in three set wins, and a 7-1 victory in the match.

“I didn’t expect to do so well in Medellin because I wasn’t really doing well at the time. I managed to cope there and it was good,” said Misun. “In Antalya, I was feeling great and my condition was good, I’m looking forward to perform well in both the World Cup Final and the upcoming Olympic Games in Rio.”

Choi, with partner Ku Bonchan, added mixed team gold for Korea. The pair outshot India in the first and third sets of a three-set match, closing with a 38, to seal Choi Misun’s second consecutive clean sweep of the recurve women’s podiums. She is the second seed for the Hyundai Archery World Cup Final in Odense, behind Chinese Taipei’s Tan Ya-Ting, who beat Choi’s teammate Chang Hye Jin to bronze in Antalya, 6-4.

In the men's event, Ku Bonchan takes individual silver.


Text and photos : World Archery, edited by Win&Win Archery Communication

Moldova's Alexandra Mirca and Dan Olaru to win European mixed team crown in Nottingham!

Prostaffers Alexandra Mirca and Dan Olaru took Gold at the European Outdoor Championships last week in Nottingham (GBR). 

Moldovian archers were facing France in the final and they won gold with a straight 6-0 victory, never missing the golden ring once during the match. What a great deal of accuracy! 

Win&Win Archery is proud to bring its support to the best archers worldwide and we are looking forward to cheering you all in Brazil this summer.


Photo: The Infinite Curve

Success story: Win&Win Archery and Wiawis featured in YTN News

YTN News, a korean media, has broadcasted a 25-minute video dealing with the success of Win&Win Archery products worldwide, including cyclists' top choice Wiawis bikes as well. The video shows very rare footages inside our factory and HQ and the work of our engineers prior to the commercial stage. Mr PARK Kyung Rae, Win&Win Archery CEO, explains the technology behind each range we create. For those interested in building and working with nano carbon technology, the video does give a great insight on how our products are being made. 

Prostaffers Bernardo Oliveira (BRA) and Romain Girouille (FRA) also explain why they prefer Win&Win Archery products compared to others. 

Watch now (Korean language)

594/600! Park SEHUI breaks indoor world record!

594 out of 600: the great pairing PARK Sehui and the Inno AXT broke the world record for the 60-arrow qualification at 18 metres in Nîmes, during the third stage of the Indoor archery World cup.

The previous recurve women’s world record for the 60-arrow qualification at 18 metres was 592, held by Frenchwoman Berengere Schuh since the 2009 World Archery Europe Indoor Championships.

Six years later it was finally broken. Park, who shoots for Korean professional team LH at this third stage of the Indoor Archery World Cup, posted 297 for her first 30 arrows and followed it up with a second 297 for 594 out of 600 total. Her last two ends were both perfect 30s.

Aged 20, Park Sehui’s 594 also increases the junior world record, which stood at 591.


Text and photo: World Archery